Disaster Relief

Katrina FundraiserWhen a natural or man-made disaster strikes, we organize students to raise money and awareness for emergency response efforts.

We are currently focused on the Syrian refugee crisis, which has rapidly developed into the largest humanitarian disaster of the 21st century. After more than four years of civil war in Syria, the impact has been staggering:

  • Over 220,000 people have been killed.
  • More than half of Syria’s pre-war population of 23 million is in need of humanitarian assistance.
  • To date, more than 4 million Syrian refugees have fled the country.
  • The U.N. estimates that 7.6 million Syrians are internally displaced, meaning that they are refugees within their own country.

The majority of Syrian refugees are living in the tiny nations of Jordan and Lebanon, where their huge numbers are putting a strain on these nations’ infrastructure and resources. Over the past year, an increasing number of refugees have also been attempting to flee to Europe.

We are organizing students to raise funds to support on-the-ground relief work and pay for supplies, including food, shelter, clothing, and medical care.