Hunger in the U.S.

The latest census data is truly astonishing. Over 46 million Americans are living in poverty. For children under 18, the poverty rate is 21.1%. In addition, more than 46 million Americans are dependent on food stamps.

What is Hunger?

“Hunger” is the physical sensation that results from not having had enough food to eat. However, when talking about “hunger in America,” what we’re often talking about is more accurately called “food insecurity.” Food insecurity is defined as a lack of access to enough food to fully meet basic needs due to lack of financial resources. Hunger is the worst-case scenario of food insecurity.

People facing food insecurity and hunger are most likely to live in households near or below the poverty line. In addition, households with children are almost twice as likely to face hunger as those without.

Why is there Hunger in America?

Poverty and politics are the main causes of hunger in the United States. The U.S. produces enough food to feed everyone in the country and we have the resources and technology to distribute that food widely. However, millions of Americans can’t afford food, and current policy programs aren’t enough to bridge the gap. By devoting resources and expertise to programs that make housing and health care more affordable, make food assistance more accessible, and increase wages for American workers, the U.S. could end hunger.